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Squeaky Cheese at Clock Shadow Creamery

There’s an old Wisconsin saying, “If fresh cheese is what you seek, make sure to listen for the squeak.” The phrase has been passed down for generations. It’s a very important part of Midwest folklore, and cheese tasters have abided by the rule for centuries. I’ve heard that some cheesemakers inscribe the words in food coloring on the inside of the cheese rind during production for good luck.

Okay, okay, that’s not true. And “old saying” clearly translates to “hey, look what I just made up!” But still, it is true that the fresher the cheese, the more it will squeak. And dare I say, the squeakiest cheese I have ever enjoyed came right out of Milwaukee, at Clock Shadow Creamery.

Behold, Wisconsin's first urban creamery!

Behold, Wisconsin’s first urban creamery!

Clock Shadow is Wisconsin’s first creamery in a city and was designed with the goal of having a local, accessible cheesemaker for city residents and visitors. Three cheesemakers work overnight to create four flavors of curds (plain, garlic dill, tomato basil, jalapeno) and about ten cheeses based on yellow and white cheddar (ricotta is the newest). If you’re unfamiliar with the cheesemaking process, here’s a quick overview.

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