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Welcome to the Milwaukee County Zoo

Two weekends ago, we went to the Milwaukee County Zoo (it was a free day!). I love the zoo because it’s always an educational experience. Definitely in the “real” education sense, but also in the “OMG WTF is wrong with people” sense.

Hey zoo, hey!

Hey zoo, hey!

We learned quite a lot on this trip. Here are some of the completely true facts we learned while at the zoo:

-That polar bear we watched laze around on some rocks was, in fact, not actually there. Because, according to the group of teenagers behind us, polar bears are extinct. Did you know that? Me neither.

-Our extinct polar bear friends swing their heads back and forth to get a better lock on the scent of food. This one didn’t though. As the woman next to us told her husband, “he’s dancing!” I wonder what kind of music the bears enjoy.

-We waited for a solid half hour to watch the river otters have lunch, mainly because I freaking love otters. Little did we know, I had actually been directing my affection to the wrong animal, because like the mother next to us told her children – those otters are actually seals! I had no idea.

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