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MMG Meets Andrew Zimmern in Lincoln, Nebraska

Hey MMGers!

WE’RE BACK! Sorry for the brief hiatus – we had a death in the family and I was consumed with writing my book (to be released by Arcadia Publishing in May!!!). But we’re back now! Be on the lookout for new posts. We’ve got a lot coming up from shops to tours to restaurants to boats.

In other news, we recently had a whirlwind few days as we trekked out to Lincoln, Nebraska, to celebrate their burgeoning farm-to-fork movement. They’re doing some great things out there in the heartland, and have given us an idea for an event we’d like to plan for Milwaukee. More on that later. While we were there, we schmoozed with a certain celebrity you may know:

That's right, it's yours truly interviewing Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods! Watch this blog and World Travel Buzz ( for upcoming stories about Zimmern and the trip to Lincoln.

That’s right, it’s yours truly interviewing Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods! Watch this blog and World Travel Buzz for upcoming stories about Zimmern and the trip to Lincoln.

Let me tell you, he is such a nice guy. And his wife, beautiful and equally as genial. I’ll be sharing more on this trip in the weeks to come, but in the meantime, let me leave you with this awesome picture of Summerfest fireworks to keep you anticipating more posts. See you soon!

Fireworks over Summerfest in 2008. Via Wikimedia by Dori.

Fireworks over Summerfest in 2008. Via Wikimedia by Dori.


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A brief hiatus

Hello MMGers! Sorry things have been so spotty over here lately. We were thrown head-first into a family emergency. We should be back up and running in another week or so. In the meantime, go out into the Milwaukee wilds and do something fun! Live it up, everyone!

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Throwback Thursday: May 30, 2013

Anybody know where in Milwaukee this is? What a great shot!

MKE Memoirs

May 30 2013

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone!

Same rules as always apply! Instead of just showing you a photo and telling you where it as taken, MCHS is leaving the “where” up to you! Tomorrow morning, we’ll announce who was first to give us the correct answer!

So, at which intersection was this photo taken? What, if any, prominent buildings are we looking at?

And don’t forget! If you have any great shots of historic buildings from around Milwaukee County, make sure you share them with us on Instagram by tagging us @milwaukeehistory.

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Sightseeing on the Milwaukee River and Lake Michigan

Our household recently celebrated a fabulous day. No, not the day I put on Clueless and ate an entire container of gelato (although that was incredible). It was our first anniversary! Look, here’s a picture of the bouquet I made for our wedding, even though it’s mostly unrelated to this post.

Okay, okay, Kyle helped. But isn't it AWESOME??

Okay, okay, Kyle helped. But isn’t it AWESOME??

Anyway, we had a great day in the city. The highlight of the day—aside from the glory Kyle felt from putting up with me for an ENTIRE YEAR—was the Edelweiss Historic Milwaukee Boat Tour down the Milwaukee River.

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The Settlement Cook Book Project

I could go for some settlement dumplings right now…

MKE Memoirs

The Settlement CookbookJoin MCHS and the Jewish Museum Milwaukee for a new series celebrating The Settlement Cook Book, authored by Milwaukee native, Lizzie Black Kander. First published in 1901 in part to help Americanize new immigrants, The Settlement Cook Book is one of the most successful charity cookbooks, with over 40 editions in print and 2 million copies sold.

Pop-Up Exhibit & Recipe Sharing Kick-Off
Where: Jewish Museum Milwaukee, 1306 North Prospect Avenue
When: Sunday, May 19 at 2 p.m.
Celebrate the May birthday of “Mrs. Simon Kander” by bringing your editions of her beloved cookbooks and others of your favorite recipes. Share stories about culinary customs and view the “pop-up” exhibit including Mrs. Kander’s personal copy of The Settlement Cook Book with her own handwritten notes in the margins.

Admission: Free (with museum admission) in celebration of Wisconsin Museums Week, May 12-18, 2013.

How to Taste American: The Settlement…

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Good Food and Giant Jenga at Horny Goat

So, I’m really just a big kid. I know this about myself. I am a giant child in an adult’s body. And normally that’s fine. Well, except when a dash of immaturity jumps in – like when I giggled in the car the entire way to the Horny Goat Hideaway. Look, we live 45 minutes away. That’s a lot of giggling. But it is at least a LITTLE funny, right? Right?? Guys?

The Horny Goat Hideaway along the Kinnickinnic River in Milwaukee

The Horny Goat Hideaway along the Kinnickinnic River in Milwaukee

Anyway. Once I had control and we left the parking lot, the experience was really a mixed bag. Kyle found a lot of Yelp reviews before we went talking about how the staff is rude, and I’m sorry to say that I can’t disagree with that. The guy that sat us seemed completely put off that we didn’t want to sit by the bar and preferred a table upstairs. Although, I’m not entirely sure if he was being obnoxious or if he was just really confused. He seemed like he had no idea what was going on the entire time we were there. Maybe just first-day jitters? Who knows. The place wasn’t excessively busy when we arrived, but I got the sense that our waitress was feeling super rushed, and it came across in her attitude. She seemed to hit her stride as the dinner crowd came in and throughout the meal became friendlier as she got busier. Continue reading

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Elsie Mae’s Does Jam and Pie Right

About a year ago, I started canning. It was too hot for my wussy self to be outside gardening last summer, so instead, we bought all the fruits and veggies from the grocery store. I had wild dreams of making the best damn jams on the planet. I got to work making cantaloupe jam, mimosa jelly, raspberry jam… but none of it set, regardless of how much pectin I shoved in those little jars. In effect, not only did I waste perfectly good fruit, but I also wasted my supplies. Which is why I couldn’t be happier that Elsie Mae’s Cannery and Pies is now open in downtown Kenosha. Well, to be fair, they’ve been open since November, but this was the first time I had been there.

Cutest storefront ever.

Cutest storefront ever.

The store is owned by an adorable couple with a brand new son (congrats guys!) and all the products are made with locally sourced ingredients. We stopped in around breakfast time – which, for me, is about 10:00 – and I had a slice of Buckeye Pie. It’s just like the traditional buckeyes. Chocolate, peanut butter, and delicious. Yeah, I know, it’s not the healthiest breakfast option… but it was good. Don’t judge me. Anyway.

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