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Top 5 Brewery Tours in Milwaukee

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You want beer (or cheese, or sausage, or a Bloody Mary…)? Milwaukee is the place to be. Check out the top five brewery tours in the city.

Historic Pabst Brewery
I know what you’re thinking: “Pabst Brewery isn’t in Milwaukee!” Well at one point it was, and the historic building is there to prove it. You may not get to tour the whole brewery, but this “historic beer tour” introduces you to Captain Pabst, shows you vintage commercials, takes you to the original tour entrance from 1844, and pours out a cold one, all for $8.

Via Wikimedia by Richie Diesterheft.

Via Wikimedia by Richie Diesterheft.

Lakefront Brewery
Have you dreamed for years of being crowned Beer Queen? Here’s your chance! For seven dollars, you not only get a free pint glass and four sample beers, but someone also becomes alcohol royalty. And, this one is right on the riverfront so you can enjoy your lager on the water. This is one of the top 5 brewery tours in the country, so buy your tickets early online.

Milwaukee Brewing Co.
Beer samples here come out right when you check in – the MKE Brewing Co. tour is proudly “beer in hand.” One of the unique things about the tour is that you actually get to taste ingredients too, instead of just the samples. Your $7 ticket also includes a souvenir pint glass. For a couple dollars more, you can go to a Saturday Open House where you get to mix and mingle with other guests and sample new flavors, chat with brewers, and go on mini-tours of the brewery. As a bonus, you can feel good about coming here. MKE strives to be a green, sustainable brewery in as many ways possible.

Miller Brewery Tour
For technicality’s sake, this would be the “MillerCoors Brewery,” but that’s just not as slick as the “Miller Brewery Tour.” And this tour deserves a slick name – where else in Milwaukee can you go into actual caves? For free? That’s right. This puppy is free. You get an hour tour of the packaging center, the warehouse, the brewhouse, and the caves, plus three beer samples. Jackpot!

Image via Wikimedia by Coemgenus.

Via Wikimedia by Coemgenus.

Great Lakes Distillery
Okay, so this isn’t a brewery. But for extra credit, take the tour at the first distillery in Wisconsin after prohibition. Great Lakes does it right, employing old-world methods to produce small batches, using as many local ingredients as possible. Seven bucks will get you an hour tour and a six-drink tasting flight. Can’t make it out in person? Take the virtual tour on the website. You won’t get the tasting, but you can buy your own bottle and drink in your pajamas!

What are you waiting for? Get a Cheap Ticket to Milwaukee and join the culture of the city by going out and getting your drink on. (Disclaimer: We’re not really drunks. We’re just proud of our heritage!)

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Author: Jennifer Billock

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